Almond oil - gentle and soft

Almond oil - gentle and soft

Almond is a woody plant from the rose family (Rosaceae), with edible nuts. The plant reaches a height of 4-9 m, with white and pink flowers. It originates from the Middle East, where it was cultivated in the ancient world (3000-2000 b.C.) from there it expanded throughout the Mediterranean. It is grown in coastal Croatia and some late flowering varieties in some continental areas.

Almond oil is obtained by cold pressing, during such procedure it does not loose its properties due to exposure to high temperatures. It is used for different purposes, mainly for skin care. Its quality is based on the efficiency of plant protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and vitamin E which is a powerful natural antioxidant and helps the regeneration of the skin. Additionally, it contains three types of essential fatty acids: omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. Almond oil has a slight nutty aroma, light texture and penetrates easily through the skin making it soft and supple. 

Almond oil is gentle and mild, and can be safely used on sensitive skin without causing allergic reactions. It is used for deep cleansing bacause it softens the skin, while Vitamin A prevents the formation of acne and blackheads. It is especially rich in proteins and amino acids necessary for the formation of collagen. External application of the oil can prevent dehydration by reducing moisture loss.

Certified organic almond oil is one of the key ingredients Alavi Flora Divina line - designed for normal to dry skin, desirous of world-class luxury ingredients. Alavi Flora Divina makeup removal oil contains almond oil along with a rich selection of organic jojoba oil and ylang ylang makes the skin perfectly soft, revitalized and velvety.


A little trick against dark circles

1.  Mix Almond oil with honey.

2. Gently apply on the area under the eyes.

3. Gently massage to encourage faster blood flow and thus the skin becomes lighter, and bloating disappears.