Beauty talk - Marina Mršić

Beauty talk - Marina Mršić

The twenty-five-year-old Dalmatian with address in Zagreb wins the social networks with her beautiful smile and style. The beautiful Marina, a real estate agent, delighted us with simplicity as well as very high quality product reviews. She is an author on the Š portal, writes various articles related to beauty and style. In addition to love for cosmetics, she loves photography, reading books and watching series and especially loves traveling. Marina: "I love traveling but, sadly,  I have no time for it because of my work (I visited Venice and Budapest in the last 3 months)

Her greatest wish is to be healthy and happy in her environment, but never to lose that silly child in her where her world is a much more interesting place.


1. How much time do you devote to your skin?

Thanks to the good genes, I've never had skin problems so my routine is reduced to just two things - every night I take off my makeup and apply face cream. In the evening, I like to use Alavi Recovery Cream because it nourishes my skin well and if I notice some small pimples or skin irritations, with the help of this cream they most often dissapear until the morning. As far as morning is concerned, I start applying makeup as my skin is beautiful and soft from "last night's treatment". However, lately I like to use the new Alavi Fluid in the morning as it is very light and refreshing and is also a great makeup foundation.

2. How Important is Cosmetic and Cosmetics Composition in Skin Care?

Very! The cosmetics I use on a daily basis are mostly of all natural origin, without parabens and other "bad" ingredients. I have not paid so much attention to it before, but once I tried natural cosmetics, there was no return. Now I am already fully accustomed to the natural ingredients and it is unimaginable to return to those nicely packaged products of strange compounds and origin.                                                          

3. What is your morning beauty ritual?

As I have said, everything is starting with washing my face and applying Alavi Fluid. When the preparations are done, I put the foundation powder (I currently use L'oreal Infalliable 24H-Matte). Then I apply a blush, fill my eyebrows, apply an eyeliner, a mascara, a lipstick and I'm ready. If it is a festive occasion I complete the look with eyeshadow, highlight and a bit of contour to give my face a fuller look. 

4. How did your New Year make up look like?

New Year's make up was a sparkly look. I was playing with shimmering shades in combination with a slightly stronger highlighter (I use Mary Lou of The Balm) and expressive lipstick. As for the color, the golden / copper tones were prevalent on the eyes, and on my lips I love wearing a classic red color, so my lips were red.

Marina's advice for healthy skin care!

The tip for healthy skin care is - nutrition! Of course, the products we use on the"outside" are important, but if we do not take care of how we nurture the skin from the inside, there is no product that can help us. You should eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to ensure all the nutrients you need. Also, one should ensure a sufficient water intake, as well as regular physical activity. Since I have implemented these healthy habits in my lifestyle, I have noticed that my skin is much cleaner and that it has a beautiful, healthy glow. Also, my hair is less brittle and growing faster, I have no problem with weight and I have generally more energy and am more enthusiastic. Therefore, be careful and nourish your body and it will give back abundantly.