Coconut - the heaven tree

Coconut  - the heaven tree

Coconut palm (lat. Cocos nucifera) is an exotic plant that orginates from the coastal areas of the tropical islands in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The name comes from the Greek word coco. Consumption of this plant is widespread in all parts of the world and  it is well-known under that name.

A beautiful plant, also called the heaven tree, can grow up to 30 meters, which explains this name. The fruit of the palm is a coconut and it has a white edible interior and drinkable juice. Only from the fleshy part of this very tasty plant comes the oil that can be found in many cosmetic products. A wonderful gift from nature that can be used for whole body care.

Because of its unique combination of fatty acids, it provides a powerful antiviral and antibacterial effect. It also nourishes the skin, makes it softer and more elastic and prevents from aging, too. Natural coconut oil doesn't contain toxins, it's fastabsorbing, and after using this heavenly oil the skin is smooth and nourished.

That is why Alavi included the coconut oil in the divine Quick tanning cream. Apart from its dermatological characteristics, it also gives the cream a wonderful tropical scent, which intensely reminds of summer and sea. With this miracle of nature, a Quick Tanning cream is rich with ingredients such as buriti, carrot and sea buckthorn oil. These ingredients were chosen to achieve a uniform, natural and healthy tan and also intense hydration of the skin in only a couple of sunbathing trips.