Maracuja - the anti age miracle

Maracuja - the anti age miracle

Maracuja is a plant species from the Passifloraceae family, botanical name - Passiflora edulis. It grows in the areas of Paraguay, Brazil and Northeast Argentina. By the cold pressing method of fruit seeds, a lavish oil is obtained with impressive characteristics. Maracuja oil is traditionally used to relieve tension and nervousness and insomnia. Today, maracuja oil is used for various uses, especially in the cosmetics industry.

Marcuja oil is rich in essential fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants, stimulates deep hydration of the skin and regenerates it. High levels of essential fatty acids and antioxidant effect make this oil an ideal ingredient for anti-aging treatment. This powerful natural elixir has an anti-aging effect and provides instant hydration without the oily feel on the skin. The oil is also rich in polyphenols and has an "anti stress" effect on the skin. 

The skin is renewed during the night, nutritious oil helps to support and stimulate the natural process of skin rejuvenation. Maracuja oil rapidly absorbs into the skin and leaves it smooth and shiny. It is most commonly found in anti aging creams and creams for the skin that are prone to redness and irritation.

Certified Organic maracuja oil is one of the key ingredients of the Alavi Flora Majestica anti age cream and Radiant serum. Along with a rich selection of organic oils such as amaranth oil, inca inchi oil, raspberry oil, preckly pear oil, Maracuja oil intensivelly increases suppleness of the skin, rejuvenates it and provides all the necessary care for a perfect anti-aging treatment.