Natural protection of hands

Natural protection of hands

After the face, hands are the most exposed part of our body. Nevertheless, hands are the most «neglected» body part as well. Due to hygiene and exposure to different wather conditions, hands age the fastest and if we do not nurture them adequately they can look older than they actually are... and so they witness another age.   

In fall, hands become dry from the wind and sudden cold, so they should be hydrated and nurtured in a natural way. In winter the skin becomes hard, rough and chapped from the cold, while in the spring and summer the skin becomes dry and dehydrated because of sun and air conditioning. In addition to a series of hand creams that might moisturize the skin for the moment, but do not provide long-term protection and care, we present to you the natural anti age Super Rich Alavi Hand cream. 

What is the secret? The secret is in organic ingredients that protect the skin from external influences and provide all-day protection, hydration and regeneration. Herbal lecithin is a natural emulsifier and in creams it leaves a smooth film on the skin that protects it from drying out. Gotu kola is effective in skin regeneration and as an anti age ingredient, due to its primary ingredient - saponine (triterpenoid) that has beneficial effects on collagen and strengthens the skin. Tamanu oil is ideal for rehydrating and revitalization of dry and damaged skin and the antioxidant properties of Tamanu oil help protect skin cells from any damage.

When it comes to nails, the lack of vitamin B can lead to damaged nails as well as a lack of calcium that can make your nails fragile and dry. Make sure that you eat the food that contains these vitamins and that you daily care for the skin of your hands and nails especially at the time of the upcoming winter. Use Alavi's hand cream during the day, especially before going outdoors and in cold areas. You can find Alavi Super Rich hand cream in pharmacies and online at