Time, a synonym for transience. It flies by so fast that we are afraid if we will live though all what we have planned.  But then, sooner or later, you realize that sometimes it is for the best to just let yourself go along with the busy, unpredictable wave that carries you and enjoy all that you are given.

Through life we ​​are always waiting for something. We are waiting for certain years to be more mature, in order to meet all the expectations of ourselves and others, we are waiting for birthdays and big changes. With all that waiting, years draw lines on our faces. We would be lucky if the only lines were those from too much laughter as a result of a happy and content life. Eventhough the time models our faces though the years, it is important to accept that everything is transient. Our physical beauty that we have or had is transient, but what remains is our inner beauty and youth. 

Inner peace and self-confidence is the true victory over time, when you live your life to the fullest, then the time is nothing more than the ticking of the clock. You feel you can do anything. And you can! You look yourself in the mirror and see your face, gentle lines drawn with beautiful and not so beautiful moments. Years cannot be hidden, but they can be cherished. By giving yourself the best of nature and loving your face it will give back. The giving back can be seen through smooth, nurtured, healthy and vital skin. Alavi Flora Majestica anti age line of organic skin care products will help maintain the youthfulness of the skin and will bring out a smile – a smile for the years we left behind.

Time passes, it does not wait, so enjoy all the wonderfull things the life is giving you – and proudly smile at transience!