Quiz - What is my skin type & best care for it

Quiz - What is my skin type & best care for it

                     Knowing you skin and determining your skin type is extremely important to select the optimum care.  To find out what skin type  you have join us in this simple Alavi test and find out what is your ideal cream!


Wash your face with lukewarm water and soap. Use an oily soap that does not dry out the skin! Gently towel dry your face. Do not use any other cosmetic products like creams or tonic. Leave the clean skin to secrete sebum for one hour.

After that time your skin will attin its natrual secretion.


The next step is to observe your skin:)


Dry skin

If you feel  your skin straining, providing you do not see an oily trace on you T-zone -  you have dry skin.

For you we recommend Alavi Flora Divina Recovery cream which is ideal for extremely dry skin, longing for deep hydratation and regeneration. After using the Recvery cream your skin will be visibly regerenated, nurtured & soft. Also, before going to bed you can apply the Flora Majestica Night cream, so the skin can keep the attained hydration.

Intensive regeneration of dry skin, also mature skin that with the age looses elasticity and hydration, is possible with the wonderful Alavi Radiant serum. This beutiful organic serum with exclusive prickly pear and amaranth oil deeply regernates the skin and has an excellent anti age effect.

Normal skin

If you do not feel straining, do not see an oily film on you skin and your skin looks healthy and hydrated – you have normal skin. For your everyday beauty routine we recommend the Alavi Flora Divina Hydrating cream that you can use every morning and evening to attain the needed hydration and care.

Mixed skin type

In case you notice an oily film on your T-zone, some straining on your cheeks (or normal feeling on your cheeks) – you have a Mixed skin type.  For you we recommend the Alavi Flora Divina Recovery cream intended for dry and mixed skin.  This unique cream of light texture will not vlog the pores of the T-sone and will provide your skin with needed hydration.

Oily skin

In case your skin develops an oily film throughout the face you have oily skin. For care of oily skin and removal of excess oil from its surface application of masks and peelings is recommended. Follow our tales about wonderful organic ingredients and learn about home made masks and natural peelings. Also follow our new products section since we are preparing new products for care of oily skin:)