Castor - poison or medicine?

Castor - poison or medicine?

Castor, a representative of the Euphorbiaceae family, is spread all around the world but it originates from East Africa and India. In our region it is a decorative plant, while in tropical areas it’s a perennial tree and can grown  up to 10-12 meters.

Is there a medicine that is also a poison, you wonder? Our answer is: YES CASTOR! Rhin's poison is stronger than cobras and can be found in the seeds of this plant, and for this reason, in 2007 the Guinness Book od Records declared it the most poisonous plant in the world. Nature is something miraculous, and at the same time the best and the most beautiful in the world, isn/t it?

Castor oil is obtained by the cold pressing of its seeds and is not poisonous at all, just the opposite, it is one of the most therapeutic oils in the world. It is special because of a very rare ricinoleic acid and small molecular weight that easily penetrates the skin pores and deeply nourishes it. This divine oil provides the skin with intense hydration, gentle cleansing and smoothing.

Due to its healing properties, ricinus with jojoba and almond oil, is a key ingredient of the Alavi Flora Divina satin soft make up removal oil. Ultra rich formula removes make up, all impurities from the skin, leaving it revitalized, nourished and silky soft. Organic ingredients of this divine product give you a youthful look and perfect skin complexion.