Recharge your batteries in the sun

Recharge your batteries in the sun

Step by step and the summer is here. Many of us have already started sun tanning on our favorite beaches, because who does not want to have a wonderful bronze tan? Every year, already in May, we start with "catching" the sun and the tan colour, so we can shine on full beaches.

One of the most important functions of the sun is the ability to stimulate the production of vitamin D in the body. It also has a positive impact on our mood, and regular exposure to the sun gives us inner peace and increased concentration. But the more important is the food for our soul, and these are the close people who follow you through life, which are here for you in the most beautiful moments and the less beautiful ones, too. People who love and support you in whatever you decide. I'm writing this because these little things, such as hanging out by the sea, remind me of the importance of friends in life. Nothing would be the same without them! As I have already said they feed our soul, they charge our batteries, they are here to understand me. And is there a better place to absorb the positive energy than the beach?

Of course, at the beginning of each season, there are two key questions: what kind of swimsuite to wear and what sun cream to use? As for the swimsuit you can take it by your own choice, someone likes the monochrome, some colorful. There are no rules here. It's all about how you feel that day, of course we all have more than one piece. When it comes to sun cream, there are more factors to take into account to make a decision. Beautiful bronze tan in a couple of trips to the beach, who doesn't think about that at the beginning of the season? The first visit to the beach is the worst, I have the feeling that I shine in the dark. But the second and every other day seems to be getting better. Of course I expose myself to the sun moderately because I do not want to be red as a pepper. And as the days go by on the beach, I'm more and more tanned. Not to mention that everyone asked me what cream I use. Of course, the answer was Alavi Quick Tanning Cream. Except the divine tan you get this cream nourishes the skin with specially selected, natural and pure oils and extracts, so your skin gets that sparkly and perfect look. Natural ingredients such as buriti, sea buckthorn, carrot and coconut oil give it a gorgeous smell and a gentle touch. The perfection of pure nature in this Alavi creme, as well as the others, is confirmed by the NaTrue certificate which is the strictest, so that proves its complete purity and top quality.

We all want the best for ourselves and for our loved ones so at this time of year enjoy with them and Alavi and togehter sparkle on the beaches. Life without close persons is unimaginable and boring, and with a cup of coffee, by the sea, and with our dearest ones close by, everything becomes easier and everyday worries become less frightening. A friend is a family we choose and who is always here for us. Just imagine drinking this cup of coffee alone and everything will become clearer ...