Treatment for clean pores

Treatment for clean pores

Clogged pores are the main cause of imperfections of the skin. They appear becuse of several reasons like remains of «heavy» makeup, inadequate skin hygiene, dead skin cells that are not regulary removed and excess sebum creation  in oily skin types, inflammation process in the skin, irritation, allergies, insufficient intake of water, inadequate nutrition...

We cannot influence the size of the pores, because they are genetically conditioned, however we can influence their appearance with our hygiene rituals and natural treatments we give to our skin.

One treatment that our grandmas also used was steaming of the face. The face was steamed with warm water and various herbs to soothe the skin, encourage sweating and opening of the pores so the impurities can more easily be extracted from the skin. Today, steaming of the face is still one of the basic beauty treatments at home. Before going to bed, remove makeup with Alavi make up removal oil that consists of organic almond, jojoba and ylang ylang oil. The oil will remove all impurities and deeply regenerate the skin. After removing the makeup, gently rinse the face with lukewarm water. In warm water put several drops of Ylang Ylang and Tea tree essential oil. Put your face above the bowl (the water must be warm but not boiling, around 40 degrees Celsius), cover with a towel and steam the face for 10 minutes. 

After the steam treatment, rinse the skin with lukewarm water and lightly tap with towel until it is dry. You will notice how your pores are clean and the skin is soft and shiny. Finally, to conclude apply Alavi Hydrating Fluid with Cucumber and marshmallow Extract, Tepezcouhite Macerate and Shea Butter. This fluid is light in texture, it absorbes quickly and soothes the skin. In the morning your skin will be fresh, soft, calm and radiant. Moisturize your skin with products that are not very greasy. Drink enough water every day because dehydration can lead to clogged pores and unhealthy skin. Voila! Love your skin!