Cranberry oil - superfood for the skin

Cranberry oil - superfood for the skin

Cranberry, american (Vaccinium macrocarpon), grows on humid acidic wetlands in the northern states of the USA and south of Canada. Cranberry has a evergreen bush, its horizontal stems can reach up to two meters in hight. It has pink and white flowers, blooming during the warmer months of June and July. American cranberries are processed into various products, usually for nutritional purposes. The cranberry fruit can be consumed fresh, dried, frozen or in the form of juices, tea, concentrates, capsules. Cranberries have been used for colds, digestive problems and urinary problems for centuries. Indians have used cranberries for a long time as food, for coloring of the fabric and its healing properties. Today, cranberry plays a very important role in the cosmetic industry as well.

            Cranberry oil is obtained by cold pressing of the fruit, thus preserving all the strenght and benefits of the nutrients. Cranberry oil is rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins, flavonols, organic acids, carbohydrates. Cranberries are filled with different types of polyphenols - antioxidants that promote cell health within the body. Natural antioxidative properties of cranberry oil protcts the skin of ecological stressors.

What is really exciting about cranberry oil is that it is the only oil we know that it has a perfect omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids ratio, which means it is easily absorbed into the skin, it hydrates and nourishes it. it. These unique nutrients together provide the anti-aging effects, while moisturizing and strengthening the skin.

            Certified Organic Cranberry Oil is one of the key ingredients of the Flora Majestica line - line designed for normal to dry mature skin, seeking the finest luxury ingredients. Cranberry Oil is one of the main ingredients of Alavi Flora Majestica Radiant Serum which, together with the most famous and most expensively precious oil of Prickly Pear and Amaranth oil, is a top anti-aging luxury that intensively enhances skin texture and elasticity.