Artistic work of life

Artistic work of life

Who is not ready for summer? Most women are never satisfied with their looks. From year to year we repeat to ourselves that we will look better next summer, which of course does not happen. Why do we have to be slimmer? To please others ... or ourself? I consider that other people are not important in this case, but remember the summer ten years ago, when the belly was flat and cellulite was almost non-egsistant. And there our dissatisfaction starts. But remember how you reacted then on your photo in a bathing suit. You were not satisfied, of course. Why worry about, we can freely say, foolishness. Years carry their weight and we are all aware of it when it comes to someone else, but we do not want to accept that this is happening to us, and actually that we should be proud of it. Be proud of your legs because they walked the world, of your belly because it tasted all the flavors and of course your wrinkles because they came from a lot of laughter. We are all special in our own way, different from others and that makes us beautiful. Tastes are not discussed, tastes differ, it is important that we like ourselves. Love for ourself is the hardest thing to gain because we know we can do better, but sometimes we have to pause for a moment and accept ourselves as we are.

When it comes to the physical appearance, I am one of those who feels that makeup does not improve the looks, but instead deminishes the most important thing, naturalness. Of course we are talking about excessive make up, little mascara and blush sometimes come in handy. But, I think that flawless tan is a lot more beautiful make-up than any other. To achieve this we need to choose cosmetics that suits our skin type. Most commonly this is predetermined by genetics, but the external and internal factors to which the skin is exposed to are important influences. How to determine your skin type we have already written in a blog titled "What is my skin type and an ideal face cream?" Let's get back to cosmetics now. It has a great impact on our skin, whether good or bad, but we have to be aware of the cosmetics we use and its composition. Most of us don't consider the skin as an organ, but it is. It is the largest living organ and it has to be treated as our heart or the brain. The difference is only that it is not hidden deep in our body, but we are looking it every day.

The purpose of writing this blog is to create a little more awareness about the skin and how important it is in our life. It protects us from microorganisms and dirt, help create vitamin D, regulates the body temperature, and through it we feel pain, warmth, cold and beautiful gentle touches. It also has a social role, with a nice and healthy skin we feel better and we have more confidence. Aren't these good enough reasons to start worrying about your skin in the way it deserves. The true way is Alavi's natural cosmetics. Why Alavi? Precisely because it feeds and nourishes the skin with the divine ingredients used for thousands of years all over the world. The creams are made of completely natural ingredients, without exception. Such pure oils can rarely be found in conventional cosmetics or you will not find them at all. Each oil of a particular cream is carefully selected to match the other ingredients and to nourish a certain type of skin.

Because in every period of our lives, we need a specific way to take care of our skin, Alavi has developed two lines: Flora Divine for young skin care and Flora Majestica for mature skin. We want to point out the product Flora Divina,Hydrating fluid that is suitable for all skin types. Only pure nature can provide gentle hydration and regeneration. This cream also minimizes the impact of environmental pollution, and is excellent as a make-up foundation. The scent? A tropical scent, to which no one is left indifferent, takes you to the beautiful South America, from where the plant tepezcohuite originates. Along with this magical plant, the key ingredients are the cucumber and mallow extract and shea butter, which equally contribute to the divine texture and nutritional properties of this cream.

Fall in love with your skin and take care of it in the right way and than start feeling love for yourself. Note, when you are satisfied with yourself, others are going to look at you on a different way too. We all love seeing a person full of confidence, and their walk in the street is always noticed.

Remember the old pictures, they are not there to rub salt on the wounds, they are there to remind you how valuable you are and how much you have experienced. Look at your body as the artistic work of your life, every pain is marked on it, but also every nice moment and every smile. It is not all black and white, enjoy in all the benefits of life, and do not burden yourself with irrelevant things.