Shine with spring

Shine with spring

When I think about April, I think about awakening. Awakening of the nature that surrounds us and ourselves as well. Warm weather invites me for long walks and getting together with friends. A new energy arises, and together with it comes awareness and concern about my body, healthy nutrition and increased activity, either because of aesthetics or health.

I am one of those people whom spring is the most favorite part of the year. I love the sun, warm and long days and the energy we have. We don't need long and heavy coats, closed boots, scarves and gloves, it's time for light clothes, open footwear and that thrills me. In the spring we breathe with full lungs and the air touches our skin is more. After heavy winter and weather conditions such as cold, wind, and sudden cold-warm temperature changes, because of the closed spaces, skin becomes dry. Transitional periods may affect our skin, but when we provide it the care it needes, we will not have any concerns.

We often wonder what is the best for our skin? My first choice is always nature. Cosmetics created from organic ingredients is alive and organic as well as our skin, so thats why I choose the magnificent and gentle Alavi hydrating fluid, essential for every urban woman. Carefully selected ingredients such as mallow and cucumber extract, shea butter and tepezcouite macerate hydrate the skin and give it a radiant natural look. Light fast absorbing texture is perfect as a daily moisturizing cream as well as a make-up base. With the treatment with this divine fluid, forget about lifeless skin and sparkle in the spring sun.

With good company, a cup of coffee and the perfect skin care, no one can be dissatisfied and with the satisfaction we radiate the factor X that creates an irresistible magic around us. Allow your skin to be the ornament of our body and face, and after cold winter days reward it with the flawless Hydration Fluid. Indulge yourself with the force of nature and enjoy Alavi products.