Beauty talk - Iva Horvat

Beauty talk - Iva Horvat

Surely you've heard of the young, beautiful and creative entrepreneur Iva Horvat, lady who stands behind Bead ItOn brand, whose main activity is making and selling jewelry. A young computer science teacher, founded the company three years ago, and her job started as a hobby where she could express her creativity and love for jewelry and fashion. Iva: "I've always been pretty creative so that with the help of Bead ItOn I can show my creativity, while on the other hand, with the business somehow I care for my future."

When we asked her how much time she has for travelling and how much she likes to travel, she kindly replied: "I love travelling and I'm constantly on the move. I'm constantly planning where to go next and I always go for one-day excursions. Such things make me happy, I'm very energetic and it's hard to keep track with me sometimes! This is what my boyfriend often says: "Okay, can we stay home for the weekend and watch TV for example."

 A girl who does not have many big desires but a lot of little ones that make up for something bigger. She wants health and happiness for the people closest to her, business success and much love wherever she turns! Iva: "Small things make us happy, and big ones to round them all off! While so, I'm happy. ''


How much time do you devote to your skin?

Thanks to the genes, I have a very grateful skin and I have almost never had any problems with pimples. But just because my skin is such, I want to care for it in the best possible way. I can say that for the skin, after hair, I dedicate most of my time. For example, I will never go to bed before I clean my skin and apply a moisturizing cream. Likewise, I try to put on a nutritional mask at least once a week, especially if the skin has been "harassed" with stronger makeup in recent days.

How Important is Cosmetic and Cosmetics Composition in Skin Care?

Cosmetics are very important to me, just like its composition - both in decorative and preparative cosmetics. I do not use much of it, just because I have a very good skin that does not create problems, but I want it to be of good quality and to know what I put on my face. I always advocate spending more money for a good moisturizing cream like, for example, Alavi cream, instead of having 3 - 4 that do half a job, if so. The same thing is with the other cosmetics I use. High quality composition first.


What is your morning beauty ritual?

As far as the morning beauty ritual is concerned, after cleansing, I rinse thoroughly with  micellar solution and apply a moisturizing cream. If I am getting ready to leave right away I apply eye cream to make the area soft and ready for some foundation. Basically, you've already got the point, I'm pretty simple about these things. But for simplicity quality is needed.


How does your daily make up look like?

My daily make up is really my trademark. Corrector for certain facial irregularities, transparent skin matte powder, blush in earthy tones, highlighter on the area above the cheekbones, under the eyebrows and in the middle of the lips. I found that in case you put a little moisturizing cream on the area where we put the highlighter you get such a wonderful and healthy glow, so that's one of the things I always include in my daily make up. I have nice eyebrows (and I am very grateful to mother nature because I have really great shape and fullness,  so I do not have much to do with them) and possibly an eyeliner in some cat eye version. Since I've got eyelash extensions I do not put on a mascara, and I apply the eyeshadow on very special occasions. I am really for a healthy and minimalist look, and a healthy and maintained skin is what I want to emphasize. So my make up routine is just that, minimal with a healthy shine :) What I like to play with on a daily basis are the lipsticks - from the shades of pink, purple, red, bordeaux to dark ones. I'm loving it!

And for the End - Your advice on how to nourish your skin in a healthy way!

My advice for a healthy way to nourish your skin is to clean it regularly. And by regularly I mean at least twice a day. A lot of hydration, quality cream and less make up during the day. Also, a good mask once a week. We only have one skin and we have to take care of it in the best way possible!