Beauty talk - Ivana Blažoti MIjoč

Beauty talk - Ivana Blažoti MIjoč

Young entrepreneur and beauty lover, Ivana Blažoti Mijoč, after several years of corporate work, decided to launch the Tester box. The first Croatian subscriber model that delivers novelties from the world of beauty and care to the user's thresholds. Beautiful Ivana loves her job so much that sometimes she doesn't have the feeling that she works, but enjoys her favorite hobby.

Along with work and beauty treatments, she likes traveling as well and feels that it is something that changes a person in a positive sense, enriches and widens horizons.

Ivana: "My husband and I will always spend our money on a trip. We have been in Riyadh, L.A., Dubai, Amsterdam, Lisbon ... List of places we would like to visit probably would require two additional lives :)"

When we asked her what her greatest wishes in her life were, she answered modestly:

 "I do not have too many wishes, I'm actually a pretty modest person. I would like to be able to do things that I love, cooperate with wonderful people, one day to expand my family and travel at least once a year to a distant destination. In fact, my greatest wish is to positively influence women so they use their potential, overcome fears and become the best version of themselves. ''

Ivana shared her beauty routine with us and gave us some useful skin care tips.


1. How much time do you devote to your skin?

I dedicate a lot of time to my skin - with obligatory care in the morning and in the evening, but I also never skip removing makeup with Alavi make up removal oil. Twice a week, I give it some more intensive care in the form of peeling, masks ... It is very important to me to take care of my skin from the inside as well, by drinking enough water and healthy nutrition.

2. How Important is cosmetics to you and the composition of cosmetics in skin care?

Although decorative cosmetics are my specialty, I am increasingly informing myself and learning about the ingredients of preparative cosmetics so I can choose the best for myself. I think I have much to learn, but I already see some positive changes and effect on my skin.


3. What is your morning beauty ritual?

In the morning I wash my face with lukewarm water and a clay based face wash because my skin is oily on the T-zone. Then I apply a tonic and Alavi recovery cream that will later be a good makeup base if I wear it that day.


4. How does your daily make up look like?

Mostly it is a toned cream with active ingredients, corrector, bronzer, eyebrow product, little mascara. And a ton of highlighter:) When I have an event, I add more eyeshadow, liner and lipstick - for the day I mostly have neutral shades and "nude" makeup.