Beauty talk - Lana Fay

Beauty talk - Lana Fay

Romantic and beautiful Lana, born in Zagreb but currently living in Celje, has more and more followers on social networks. If you take a look at her Instagram profile you will realize why. Wonderful Lana, by profession a interpreter, marketing manager and blogger is at the same time the mom of a very curious and active three year old girl. By nature a workaholic whose day begins very early and ends somewhere after midnight, she leaves an impression of a careless girl.

Lana: “I am committed to my blog where I address different matters such as fashion, style, beauty, motherhood and cooking, personal development where I encourage myself and my readers to enjoy life, little things, to focus on the positive and realize the endless potential that everyone of us has. It is my goal to encourage myself and my readers to become the best version of them, to awaken the children's joy and love for oneself, people and life”.


Because of her husband's job , they move a lot and every free weekend they use for a little getaway. Once a year they travel to a distant location, depending on obligations at home. Besides that she lived one part of her life in France where she learned about their culture of enjoying life, art and food, also a lot about style and beauty from the French ladies. We asked her some questions about her beauty routine in regards to her natural beauty that is a reflection of her style and elegance.


How much time to you devote to your skin?

As years go by I become more and more aware of the importance of right skin care. I take care of my skin in the morning and evening, once a week I do a peeling and apply a nutritious mask, and twice a year I go for a nurturing treatment depending on the need.

How important are cosmetics to you and their ingredients?

The ingredients are extremely important to me. I want the ingredients to be natural and organic and I am not sorry to spend extra money on quality products. That is one lesson I have learned from the French women that spend much more money on treatments and creams than on decorative cosmetics. The biggest priority is healthy, nurtured skin, that requires care with quality ingredients.


What is your morning beauty ritual?

My morning ritual begins in the kitchen with drinking half a liter of warm water with lemon. Such a simple drink is very efficient for detox of the body, which is of course visible on the skin too. After that I wash my face with water, refresh my face with a hydrosol and I apply the excellent Alavi recovery cream that I simply love.


How does your day make up look like?

My make up for the day is very simple and is composed of two, three products, because like all the other moms, in the morning I have not more than few minutes for make up. My goal is to look fresh and natural, so I first apply a light foundation and corrector under the eyes. And then some blush to bring out my cheekbones and give my face a fresh, healthy look. At the end I apply lipstick in a soft or nude color.


And for the end – your advice on how to nurture the skin in a healthy way?

Lots of water, everyday exercise and time outdoors, quality care are the foundations of healthy skin. Winter being already here I would emphasize the importance of hydration though water, tea or fruit which will make you feel fresh from the inside and out. I would definitely advise young ladies to observe their skin because it first show the condition our whole body is in. Also, I would like to point out the importance of quality cosmetics. When you distribute your budget and time make sure that quality products and treatment are on first place.