Our story does not begin with a product... It begins with a vision, a commitment to share the purest, most effective natural cosmetics with the world.

In order to create the best from the best, I have invested twenty years of research and study of different herbal extracts, oils, butters and essences from around the world, all of the stated has resulted in unique Alavi products.

I am sure that with cosmetics we nurture more subtle facets beyond skin itself, we nourish our self-confidence, worth, health, beauty, vitality… Our relationship with ourselves remains recorded on our skin, so it is of utmost importance to nourish our skin with premium, herbal ingredients.

I often get asked the question: ”What is the base of your products?” Somewhat surprised I reply that there is no base that is minimally altered to make dozens of “new” products.

Every Alavi product represents the magical and unique nature in its purest form. Alavi products are made out of dozens of premium organic oils, butters and extracts that have been carefully selected to provide the skin with optimal care and most efficient results.

Alavi is authentic, unrepeatable, beautiful and strong like every woman.

My dearest, Alavi has been created for every one of you, to express admiration and gratitude for recognizing all of her qualities, uniqueness and for uncompromisingly deciding that only the best belongs to you!

Valentina Vittoria Giergia

co-founder and creator of Alavi cosmetics