Fresh & cool - Cucumber extract

Fresh & cool - Cucumber extract

Cucumber, also known as Cucumis sativus, is an annual plant from the Cucurbitaceae family, originating from India. The Romans brought it to Europe, they were mentioned in the writings in France in the 9th century, in England in the 14th century, and in North America in the 16th century. The cucumber was used for various purposes, most often for food, but it is an ideal ingredient in the cosmetic industry, in skin care.

Cucumber extract has a very beneficial effect on the skin of the face and neckline. Cucumber is a vegetable that contains 95 percent of water but is rich in minerals, natural salts, enzymes, vitamins and strong antioxidants.

It cools, refreshes, hydrates and soothes inflammations and strengthens the sensitive tissue. Because of its soothing properties, it is ideal for puffy eyes and skin care around the eyes. Cucumber abounds with vitamin E, has an anti-aging effect, it is calming, smooths out the wrinkels and affects the elasticity of the skin.


Cucumber extract is one of the key ingredients of Alavi Flora Divina Hydration Fluid. Along with a rich selection of organic ingredients such as marshmallow extract, field poppy extract, tepezcohuite macerate and shea butter, it  helps the natural regenerative process of the skin and makes it fresher, smoother and more hydrated.