Enjoy and unwind

Enjoy and unwind

“Beauty is in diversity” says a well known quote...and so it trully is....

We dared to experience the not so quiet side of Island Pag and headed to Novalja. It is pretty different from the city of Pag. History and “low key” is here not the first thing that catches our eyes:)

Masses of young, energetic people from around the world have come to Novalja to have fun and enjoy life. But adrenalin is not found only on Zrće, Croatia's No.1 party beach. We are exploring more subtle & natural ways to boost our adrenaline and have fun:)

What a better way to do that than to have a fun day at the boat?

The sea has definitely a magic influence on me... A cruise of few hours feels like a trip on its own... Especially when it is filled with tubing, parasailing & great friends!

Along with all the fun that a boat trip brings unfortunately few of the minuses tag along... The sun shines warmer, the salty sea water & wind all contribute to dry skin or in my case also irritated skin:(

Amidst all the action and fun my skin desperately needed calm & regeneration.

After arriving back on land all I could think of was a shower and a miraculous cream to take the irritating feeling away.

Luckily before my trip a cream that promised just that found its way in my travel bag. Alavi Flora Divina Recovery cream is definitely all the name promises - divine & recovering :) My sensitive skin was absorbing the pure nature found in this cream - and the reiief was almost instant. The scratchy feeling ceased, my skin was elastic again and I literally had the feeling that my skin was compensated with all it lacked.

I love its silky, rich yet light texture. Its calming properties can be ascribed to organic St. John's Wort oil, Calendula, Tamanu, Aloe vera. and dozens of other oils and butters.

Thrilled with this quick fix I am even considering cocktails with friends...


My skin feels better & so do I:)