My precious hands

My precious hands

Besides often glorified eyes, hair and lips, songs have since ancient times often mentioned – hands. Hands represent togetherness, a hug, warmth, help, love.... How important are our hands and how it is sometimes important that they are nurtured and protected is visible in the fact that we adorn our hands with rings, bracelets, nail polish.  Why? Because they are important, because too often they show our personality, our habits, our gentle side, because they are our ornaments. My grandmother has often said that one can recognize hard working people by their hands, because they are cracked and often with scars.

If one would ask me what I love most about my body I would say – my hands. Inexhaustible workers that are every day exposed to the cold, in the summer to the heat, wind, water, and they definitely need the care.

Hands have little sebaceous glands, which makes them by nature prone to dryness. In autumn, hands become dry from the wind, from sudden cold weather so it is necessary to hydrate and nurture them in a natural way.

As my after work days often end in walks outside, the last couple of days my hands have been exposed to strong Dalmatian bora. They become dry, rough and hard. How to prevent the drying out of the skin in the wind, water and the cold?

As it is necessary to do a peeling on your face it is also necessary to do a peeling on your hands. I made myself a light bath for my hands with almond oil. I have put one teaspoon of almond oil in warm water in which I soaked my hands. A very pleasant feeling. After that I mixed sea salt and almond oil and lightly rubbed my hands. For a moment I thought I felt my skin breathing. At the end I applied my Alavi Super Rich Hand cream that has given my hands deep regeneration and silky feel. Alavi Hand cream contains organic oils of gotu kola, lecithin and tamanu that feed the skin and give it long-term hydration. Perfect!


As hands are my ornaments, I applied soft pink nail polish and put on my favorite ring. I think to myself, now I can enjoy the rest of the day! My hands are nurtured, protected from the wind and gently decorated. Try doing a hand peeling, apply the Alavi Hand cream and feel the strength of natural ingredients and treatments. Hug and love with your hands!

Till next week. XOXO