At Alavi we are dedicated to producing the finest organic cosmetics in the world.

We never make compromises when it comes to quality of raw materials and final products. All our efforts go towards ensuring that every Alavi bottle is a true masterpiece of the gorgeous nature.

Impeccable quality and the high contents of the organic ingredients are confirmed by the NaTrue organic standard. Known for its strict rules when it comes to the portion of organic raw materials, allowed substances and the production process the NaTrue seal is foremost a guarantee to the customer. You can be sure that every drop from Alavi bottles is a magnificent piece of nature that your skin will greatly cherish!


What is quality and responsibility for Alavi? 

  • Certification according to the most demanding standards

NaTrue standard is known to be the most demanding standard when it comes to certification of natural cosmetics. For a product to receive the NaTrue organic quality mark, it is necessary that 95% of its ingredients are organic origin.

The certification is lead by a team of independent auditors in two steps that present additional safety and control for the consumers. In the first part, the independent certification body assesses the origin and purity of the raw materials, while in the second part the control of the manufacturing site and the supporting documentation is being executed.
Consumer safety is in the first place, which the NaTrue mark guarantees.


  • GMO free

Alavi cosmetics are based on pure nature, from which nothing has been taken away or added. All plant species used in Alavi cosmetics are the result of completely natural, wild grown or organic seeds, sun, water, weather conditions - unadulterated nature.


  • Without animal testing

We believe in the sanctity of life and all living beings, so Alavi products are not, nor will ever be, tested on animals. Furthermore, all raw materials used in manufacture haven’t been tested on animals.


  • Without  ionizing radiation

Alavi products never contain raw materials that have been subjected to ionizing treatment because that type of radiation not only destroys nutrients and vitamins, it also conditions the appearance of free radicals.

  • Without parabens, phthalates, mineral oils and petroleum by-products

Alavi Cosmetics do not contain: harmful preservatives, petroleum products and other harmful ingredients of conventional cosmetics. Only natural production process and unadulterated nature are part of Alavi Cosmetics, which purpose is the benefit the entire being.
Give yourself the purest gift of nature!