Say no to the spring fatigue

Say no to the spring fatigue

With the arrival of sunny and warm days, many of us have met with the unwanted spring companion - the spring fatigue. We have the feeling that we are constantly sleepy and that we desperately need a nap in the afternoon. All these symptoms prevent us from carrying out  our normal daily activities, but why is this happening?

Spring fatigue is the most common type of fatigue occurring to people with sensitivity to weather changes - those who are more difficult to adapt to low atmospheric pressure and the southern wind. For us in Dalmatia, this is very common, but also throughout the year we all love to sleep :D  Jokes to the side, many people face this problem and it creates problems with concentration and sometimes a feeling of depression. One of the most important factors in solving fatigue is nutrition. Lack of vitamins in the body leads to a sense of fatigue, precisely because winter nutrition is fairly homogeneous and when the spring comes body requires a larger comsumption of vitamin C. It is necessary to consume more vitamins and minerals to improve the function of the immune system. We may not forget the Vitamin E that stimulates the circulation, neutralizes the action of free radicals and also improves the function of the immune system. What is also very important in preventing the feeling of fatigue is engaging in outdoor activities, out of the closed space and a sufficient consumption water. Fresh air and daily light are essential for our brain and staying in the fresh air prevents the feeling of exhaustion and drowsiness. The water regulates the digestion, provides hydration, awakens and refreshes the body. The daylight savings time has affected the sleep routine of most people. We go to sleep later than usual, the day lasts longer and it is hard to wake up in the morning - just because we decided to go to bed late. Try maintaining a normal sleeping rhythm, avoiding heavy food and heavy drinking, like alcoholic beverages, stressful activities before bedtime. 

Lack of sleep often leads to premature aging of the skin, dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles. I believe every woman is struggling with this problem. We often hear about the expression «Beauty sleep». In this modern time when we really have a huge offer of chemical creams for skin, wrinkles,  the best advice you can get is to use natural methods. Sleep first, take enough water in your body, watch out for what you eat and use natural organic cosmetics that will nourish your skin and bring into your body only the healthiest ingredients of nature. For Beauty Sleep, I have chosen Alavi Night Cream with Apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid and coton thistle extract that intensively nourishes the skin and helps a natural regeneration process for fresh, smooth and shiny skin.

With these simple tips, you can help your body a lot and enjoy the happiest season with no fatigue. I'm going for a spring walk by the sea and I'm sending you greetings from the windy Zadar! :*