Beauty talk - Josipa Dragun

Beauty talk - Josipa Dragun

The gorgeous girl from Vinkovci, whom you must have seen on Instagram's social network, shows images of simplicity, creativity, love of nature, travel, cosmetics, fashion and beauty… and with her smile she radiates incredible positive energy. The Master of Experimental Biology, who replaced the former Croatian address with a German one, described how her daily beauty routine looks like and how she experiences skin and body care. As she says, love for work is unquestionable, a perfect blend of biology and marketing - all that she has ever wanted. Because of the job she travels very often, so in her free time she does sports, takes long walks and hangs out with friends. She sees her Instagram profile as one of her favorite hobbies and it is a "filterized" view of her everyday life, the details that make her and everything that attracts her attention. Cosmetics, fashion, health and beauty are a very important part of her life, as she has confirmed through the answers in our beauty talk.


1. How much time do you devote to your skin?

I am one of the lucky ones who does not have any skin problems and whose skin does not require many treatments and an arsenal of cosmetic products, so the time I spend on skin care is minimal. I care for skin hydration and do not use creams that contain alcohol. I treat the neck and neckline in the same way as the face, mostly clean and simple preparations.


2. How important is the composition of cosmetics that you apply to your skin?

It is very important for me what do I put on the skin and what kind of creams I use. I am avoiding perfumed creams and those with high alcohol content because they dry out the skin. I have normal skin type, neither oily nor dry, so I use "light", quick-absorbing creams. I recently tried the Alavi Recovery cream and I'm delighted with it because it is completely gentle to the skin and a perfect fit for me.


3. What is your morning beauty ritual?

I do not have a special beauty routine, except that I do not use soaps when it comes to washing my face. Every morning before I apply make up I clean my face with thermal water. I remove all the make up from my face as soon as I come home and avoid sleeping and exercising with makeup.

After I remove make up with micellar water, I wash it with clean water and remove the remains of the mascara with castor oil so that it does not accumulate on the roots of the eyelashes.

I do a face peeling from time to time, because too much peeling does is not good for my skin.



4. What does your daily make up look like?

I'm very simple and I do not experiment too much when it comes to make up products. Only a small amount of liquid powder that is weighed with a compact powder. Blush in earthy tones, a thin line of eyeliner or a little eye shadow (brown, golden or bronze shades) and an indisputable mascara.


5. Your advice on how to nourish your skin in a healthy way?

I always keep it simple. Given the very grateful skin, I'm not the most competent person to share tips. Due to the summer and these hot days when the skin needs a lot of water and hydration, I recommend Alavi Quick Tanning Organic Cream for quick tanning with which I am delighted. After a sunburn I recommend the Alavi  Recovery cream that will deeply regenerate the skin and hydrate it along with a beautiful natural scent.