Tolerance - beauty in diversity

Tolerance - beauty in diversity

There are people who are full of empathy for other people. Nowadays, these people are rare. Their sensibility, love and great strenght of emotional intelligence  is special, as well as their understanding and acceptance of diversity. There is a lot of talk about tolerance and it is often discussed about in the society. But, how often do we live that category of life, how tolerant are we in our everyday lives?

 Intolerance is closely related to prejudice. Walking in the streets of the city, we often draw conclusions about people passing by. We do not accept differences, we frown upon different attitudes just because they are not the same as our own. Clothes, makeup, style, religion and occupation can often be the topic for discussion and intolerance among people. Through my school years and adolescence unfortunately I have whitnessed many times isolation of girls that had different attitutes, style, makeup or other habits. Also, one of the new trends in society is labeling people by places where they drink afternoon coffee, where they go out in the evenings. Absurdity!

In today's society one needs to be strong enough to stand out and not feel lack of self esteem. Tolerance is an exquisit social skill that demonstrates significant changes within the society, the more a society is tolerant it is on a higher level of development.. Although, intolerance does not necessarily have to be negative if it relates to intolerance of hypocracy, lies and bad deeds.

Tolerant people know that life is the middle between two extremes.

In the last hundred years, from the beginning od mass production of cosmetics, people have used and glorified cosmetic products based on mineral oils and synthetic active ingredients. But, in last decade or so, very significant changes in the society and consciesness of individuals are happening. People have started to recognize nature as our most precious treasure, started to look for quality, unadultered natural ingredients in cosmetic products we apply on the skin.  Tolerance towards all living beings is developed, diveristy is percieved as wealth, humane societies are formed and people actively protest against animal testing. We ourselves support these kind of changes and are happy that though our work and effort we participate in them. So, certified organic cosmetics is the mirror of positive changes in the society that can be seen through respect towards nature, life, sustainable development and humans.

Through life, one should walk with a smile on his face, full heart and arms wide open. Acceptance is like forgiveness, it makes us bigger people, and as saying says, "Tolerance is that every human being is able to enjoy the rights you enjoy yourself".

Inspired by tolerance, I go to my beauty corner, take Alavi makeup Removal Oil, clean my skin and enjoy my beauty sleep. Be tolerant and enjoy every day with full acceptance and forgiveness.