Beauty talk - Andrea Šimunić

Beauty talk - Andrea Šimunić

Wonderful Andrea Šimunić, inspires followers throughout Europe with her creative display of life through photos on her Instagram profile. She shared with us her daily beauty routine and explained why it is essential to nourish the skin every day. She is an easy to like blogger, with current address in Sweden, that started writing a blog when she was just 12 years old.


“I started my first blog at the age of 12 and it was my diary. Later that diary grew into fashion, beauty and today also travel blog. Although blogging, video recording and content creation is generally my big hobby, I would like to make it my job one day. In a way I complement my hobby with my profession, fashion management, and I combine the knowledge from one area with the other - it just fulfills me, I enjoy it! I love to travel and create visual content at the same time, that's my guilty pleasure! Instagram and YouTube are my great loves. Aside from blogging activities I love exploring new brands, especially in skincare and fashion categories. I am an eternal worker, all my pleasures revolve around my hobbies and work. In leisure time I like to watch a good movie or series and have a drink of wine in the evening with friends! I try to travel as much as possible. I've learned to travel with various budgets, adjust to different situations. Everything goes, a weekend trip, half day or two weeks.. I see them all as the opportunity to see and learn something new. I am currently in Croatia and I use the opportunity to explore our Balkan area, just typing this text from Baščaršija in Sarajevo.”

Her greatest wish is to successfully combine her career and family. "I think that's the biggest challenge" Andrea explains. "My wish is to do what I love even though I'm not sure what that is exactly right now, but I know that I currently enjoy everything I do. Another great wish is to travel to all the places on my bucket list, starting with India, the list is long :)"


How much time do you devote to your skin?

Enough:) Just how everyone in Sweden says, "Lagom," neither too much nor too little. I would say 10 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. I have my standard morning and evening routine and the only thing I change here and there is the product. For some time, for example, I used only micellar water to remove make up, now I discovered Alavi's makeup removal oil and fell in love with it. It is beautiful, fragrant, gentle, and the makeup dissolves in a moment. I never thought that removing makeup would be the equivalent of a mini spa treatment! However, skin care for me is not just from the outside but also from the inside - so I would say that I always think of my skin in one way or another! For example water is my great friend!


How Important are cosmetic ingredients in skin care for you?

My skin loves natural and I really respect this information when it comes to creams. I try to make sure that the rest of the products are organic and natural, but I'm not that strict. However, the cream is the base and I like to feel that the best ingredients are penetrating in my skin. My skin is mixed to oily, but somewhat dehydrated, especially after long flights and climate changes, so it's very compatible with the Alavi Flora Divine Recovery cream I've been using for a year and a half now. It is often my night cream as well or face care after sunbathing in the summer. Over the years I have realized that I have the least problems with my skin when I use natural cosmetics and that is one of my "tricks" for a nourished and calm skin.


What is your morning beauty ritual?

Super simple! In the morning I wash my face, clean it with a toner to prepare the skin and apply a face cream. That's it! In the evening I have a bit longer routine, I start with the makeup removal oil, I like to clean it further with a gel if I applied somewhat heavier make up. Then I apply a toner, cream and a cream around the eye area. On weekends I like to indulge with a mask and a peeling. Less is more and since I'm constantly on the road, I can not even cram more than that into the cosmetic bag :)


How does your day make up look like?

I like applying makeup, but I like a neutral, discreet look which you'll see me with 90% of the time. However, if I do not get out of the house, I will not put on make up because I'm faithful to the rule to leave the skin breathe for a day or two.  I use BB cream that is lighter on the face and looks more natural than foundation. I "revive" my self a little bit with a blush, I like to add a highlighter for that special touch. On my lips I always have a shade of pink, most often very similar to my lips. Eye mascara and filled eyebrows is my finishing touch.


And for the end - Your advice on how to nourish your skin in a healthy way

I think it is most important to listen to your skin, follow the reactions. Give a chance to natural cosmetics because the origins of cosmetics are in the nature, so it is logical to somehow return to it today, given that we are fairly away from it with all the technological progress. In addition, the rule I go by is that less is more, the skin does not have to be bombarded with dozens of products. Find the cream that will get the best out of your skin and you have everything! And finally, do not forget that your life style, stress, nutrition has so much influence on your skin.