Magic of December

Magic of December

With December here, the feeling of togetherness, love, warmth is here... and I have to admit homesickness as well... Pictures from my childhood come into my mind along with traditional holiday gatherings with family. Making cookies, decorating the home and the christmas tree, watching Christmas movies under a warm blanket in front of the fireplace – pricesless! When you are away from home you count your days until the morning when you get to pack your suitcases and head home to your family. On the road you turn up the Chris Rea "Driving home for Christmas" and the holiday season can begin. Just a little longer:)

Shopping malls are full with cristmas decorations, wrapped presents, christmas trees and glowing lights... all of that indicates to one important thing – I need to get Christmas presents!!! Sometimes the best present is to get a warm smile and a hug – ideal christmas present for me. But what brings me joy about gifting others is when you can get that genuine smile with a gift a person really wanted and maybe could not afford it themself. As I am in pursuit of ideal gifts for my mom and sister I have gone through all the stores and realized that there is no better gift than natural cosmetics. They have recently discovered the Alavi anti age line and they have for some time now wanted to get it. I am also a natural cosmetics enthusiast and for some time I have been using the Alavi creams. I saw an ideal Christmas package in the pharmacy – Alavi anti age and night cream. Ideal Christmas present for the ladies, right?

OK, now that I have found a present for the female members of the family, I have to find the ideal present for the male ones as well. It will sound strange, because it is not a every day thing, but I looked around a tobacco shop and stopped by pipes.  A long time ago my dad used to tell me that his grandfather was a passionate pipe collector. He was a sailor and he brought pipes from all around the world. Of course, my dad mentioned thaht he would like to have a brown pipe as decor by the fireplace... as I remembered that all my worries ended – I found the perfect pipe for my dad. And sugar at the end, my boyfriend. His gift will be tickets for hockey that he really wants to go watch, and the best thing is that he never was at a hockey game. Of course we will go togehter:) Under the Christmas tree the tickets will be wrapped with Alavi hand cream so that his hands are velvety as he hugs me in these cold days:)


So, I got my presents covered... and maybe I gave you some ideas for your gifts... now I go on to baking my cherry cookies. Enjoy these wonderful days, mulled wine and the advent atmosphere... and I will continue to count days until Christmas. Xoxo <3