Mango butter - nourishing & creamy

Mango butter - nourishing & creamy

Mango is a tropical tree from the family Anacardiaceae, genus Mangifera. Originally from India, it is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. In some cultures, the fruit and leaves of mango are used for wedding decorations, public and religious ceremonies.

It is thought that the Buda was sitting under the mango tree when he had his epiphany, so the mango is even today used in many rituals in India. Mango is used for various purposes, in the food industry, but in recent years it has become common in the cosmetic industry as well.

Mango butter, with soft and creamy texture that is easy to use and is easily absorbed into the skin has numerous virtues. It is obtained by the process that uses a special cold-pressing and steam-refinement method that helps to preserve the butter’s most precious and beneficial components.

Rich in vitamins such as A and E, esential fatty acid, oleic acid and natural antioxidants, mango butter is strong in protecting the skin from drying out and makes it very smooth. It does not clog pores and it is an excellent choice for hydration of almost every skin type. Dry skin will be regenerated, while sensitive skin will be cared for and protected because of its nurturing properties.

Certified organic Mango butter is one of the key ingredients Flora Divina line - designed for normal to dry skin, desirous of premium luxury ingredients. Alavi Flora Divina Hydrating cream contains mango butter along with a rich selection of organic oils as Baobab oil and Kukui oil, it provides optimal hydration of dry and malnourished skin.