My October

My October


It may sound strange that someone instead of cheerful warm summer, blooming spring and white frosty winter most loves the fall - but I really do! There are more reasons than one, one of them is that I am a big romantic and I love long walks in the parks with golden - redish leaves. I like that feeling of freshness and a glimpse of magical colors around me, especially in the dusk. It's surely my time of the year.

But one of the biggest reasons why I love October is because of my mother. Mom's birthday is always awaited with a huge dose of happiness and respect. My best friend – my mom. As there are only a few days before her birthday, I made a list of surprises I want to make for her.

For such a modest woman with great heart I always seek for the perfect gift, and I will give her just what she would want for herself. Due to the great obligations I have, especially after a long season and hard work, I have neglected the long walks with my mom. She has asked me a couple of times if I would like to go for a walk, for which I replied: "Yes, but some other day!" A perfect gift will definitely be a day spent with my mom. And I believe it will be the most beautiful gift, because we don't spend a lot of time together.

But as my mom already gently crosses the age of 65, a wonderful anti-aging product would also be something she deserves to have. I will give her Alavi Radiant face serum, which has Prickly pear oil - the most precious anti aging oil in the world. She recently read on the Internet that this oil is perfect for the health of mature skin and how it affects wrinkle reduction. Well, the most precious mother deserves the most precious oils.

I cannot wait for that day, mom's birthday, we will spend it with our family, walks, talks, good food and opening presents. I am sure my mom will enjoy everything, just as me.

I will write again next week, until then enjoy the beautiful autumn time. Do not let the rain ruins your day because, as one of my dearest quote says, "Some people feel the rain and some just get wet." Be the one who feels!

xoxo :*