My gracious steps

My gracious steps

My darling ladies, how many times did we go grocery shopping and ended up with new shoes?:) I – many times !!! Definitely, one of major weak spots of women around the world are shoes. Sandals in variety of colors that we combine on daily basis with fluttery, colorful dresses – oh how wonderful!

But, there is always a but! In order for the dresses to proudly flutter around our bare legs we have to take great care of them. The winter has put upon us tight, heavy and closed shoes. Feet have trouble “breathing” in such conditions, dryness and irritations often occur. In order to successfully and quickly treat such conditions, we can start with intensive care of our legs and feet. We will try to make our feet and legs our ornament with their beauty but also with their health.

The question arises how to do this?

The market offers a huge range of products that are of chemical and synthetic origin. As such they are in collision with the nature of our skin. Our skin is alive – it breaths, feeds itself, rests, digests, grows and dies. In all the life phases it needs support and care. In order to ensure proper support we need to give it true, authentic, unadulterated natural ingredients as skin is. I will try to remind you of some forgotten, maybe neglected but simple solutions and methods that you can apply in your home.

My warm recommendation is a warm foot bath enriched with Dea Flores essential oils. It will relax, encourage circulation, soften the skin and open the pores. To get a fabulous result take a spoon of salt or sugar and apply 2 drops of rosemary essential oil, 2 drops of cypress essential oil, 2 drops of orange essential oil (I do not recommend this combination for pregnant ladies. They can try lavender, tea tree and mandarin). Add the mixture to the bath and enjoy:)

Next step: peeling

Make a mixture of 2 spoons of olive oil, 1 spoon of lemon juice, 2 spoons of honey, 10 drops of orange essential oil and 2-3 spoons of sea salt. Rub well hardened spots on your feet. It is sufficient to make a peeling once a week.

After the peeling the skin needs to ben nurtured. Be sure that the cream you are using is not to heavy or fatty but that it deeply regenerates the skin. I wholeheartedly recommend a product that in my opinion is a superb solution for dry, cracked skin – and that is the Alavi hand cream. It nourishes and feeds cracked skin while deeply regenerating it. Alavi hand cream was primarily created to ensure ideal support for extremities in extreme conditions.  The ingredients confirm that intention: organic gotu kola oil, tamanu and rice bran oil hydrate, nourish, protect and heal the skin on your hands and feet. It is your ideal choice and results are visible within moments.

In a very simple, quick and economical way you can improve the looks and beauty of your feet. Trust me, my ladies, with such feet every sandal looks just perfect, like two unified beauties.

Enjoy the spring - summer steps <3

I am writing again next week! xoxo