Say no to dark circles around the eyes

Say no to dark circles around the eyes

Most people when meeting someone new first notice their eyes. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and in the eyes one can recognize the personality of the person and its character. Eyes have always been indicators of interest, intelligence, honesty, happiness, sadness, love... Women, aware of the impresiveness of the eyes, have always tried to emphasize them with  different decorative aids. But we often encounter one specific aesthetic problem that is sometimes difficult to solve and difficult to cover - the problem with dark circles around the eyes.

Dark eye circles are created for several reasons. The skin around the eye area is four times thinner than on other parts of the body, there are no sweat glands, the skin is more pigmented hence more under the influence of our bodily changes.

Choosing the food and the way we eat plays a big role in the creation of dark circles that can be very persistant. We differentiate them by the strength of darkness, how swallen they are and how «saggy» they are. Namely, anemia is one of the more common causes of dark bags under the eyes, especially when accompanied by headaches, tiredness and poor concentration. And pollen allergy sufferers have such problems as well. There is frequent neurodermatitis due to which they often wipe and rub eyes because of itching, which contributes to the development of pigmentation and irritation of tender skin. The solution is treating the skin with mild creams and less contact with the fingers.

The first step in the struggle with the dark circles around the eyes is to bring the organism into balance: enough sleep, avoid smoking, proper nutrition without extra salt and spices. As we bring the organism into balance, besides expensive creams for covering the eye bags and just suppressing the appearance of the eye bags, we can naturally influence the aesthetics of our face and make sure that the dark circles disappear. It is not enough to only use cosmetic products, pricy foundations and concealer. For good and healthy skin, our body needs enough vitamin A and E and niacin (vitamin B3) that we retrieve though nutrition. Certainly, the diet should be balanced and you should avoid taking fast food with lots of fat. Fresh vegetable juices are known to be a good source of vitamins, especially carrot juice to achieve good tan and prevent the formation of inflammatory processes in the eyes. 

By using natural ingredients one can affect the health of the skin also on the outside. A high quality effect can be made with freshly cut cucumber slices, which greatly narrows blood vessel and temporary decrease of the puffiness under the eyes as it is made up of 95 percent water. Chamomille hydrosol has also the soothing effect which soothes the swelling of the eye bags.

Soak two cotton pads with Dea Flores chamomile hydrosol, put on closed eyes and leave on for 15 minutes. After the natural dark circles treatment, take into account that the composition of cosmetics that you put on your face is important as well.

Alavi Flora Majestica Radiant serum with amaranth, raspberry and prickly pear oil will provide the skin with a perfect anti-aging effect and will thoroughly regenerate the skin. Dark circles around the eyes make us seemingly older which we do not fancy at all so lets helo ourselves and delay the signs of ageing with natural treatments for the healt of our whole body. We are probably saying this too much but in every even slight contemplation about beauty and health there is the optimal intake of water, nutritious food, beauty sleep and potent organic cosmetics. Then we can say «NO» to dark circles around the eyes!