Embrace the sun

Embrace the sun

Is there anything more beautiful than waking up in the morning with the sun rays snaeking through half open shutters? Also I might add the smell of coffee and the view at the blue sea in the distance! Yeah, that's my morning! It is increadible how the sun stimulates the positivity and how much I love everything I do when the weather is sunny. I have always been a summer type and I look forward to the days that are comming. No matter how much numbers there are in the calendar till summer, warm days are already here announcing hot beautiful sunny summer.

The thing that mostly bothers me before the summer season is my skin colour. I love my bronze tan in the summer, but in the beginning, I'm usually looking for the perfect cream for a quick tan that will accelerate this process.

Sun has a lot of positive impacts, but also there are the less positive – it effects the early ageing of the skin. As I was reading and informing myself about the harmful effects of the sun and the use of protective factors I learned one very important thing. There is scientific evidence that industrial sunscreens contain a high concentration of harmful substances and have various negative implications on our health. They contain carcinogenic substances that can penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream. Industrial creams contain chemical filters and usually include a combination of two to six active ingredients of questionable safety for human health.

After this cognition, I stopped using creams with chemical protective factors and I found another solution. Natural protective filters are mineral pigments in sunscreen products and they form a protective layer and reject harmful radiation. Synthetic UV filters must be absorbed into the skin and they absorb the UV light, while natural mineral UV filters are not absorbed into the skin. Some of natural minerals are natural oils that provide the skin with all the necessary moisture and they are rich with antioxidants. These are buriti oil, carrot oil, coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil....

Last season I discovered the Alavi quick tanning cream. Let me tell you - a biiig discovery! It has organic Buriti oil, exotic wonder of the Amazon rainforest, that due to the high content of beta-carotene gives the skin a natural bronze ten. Sea Buckthorn oil, that is valued for the unique calming and rejuvenating effect, contains the rare Omega 7 fatty acid that reduces wrinkles, dryness and nutritional defficiency of the skin.

Coconut oil which is a multi-purpose oil for the skin nourishes and maintains a smooth, shiny appearance. Above all that, the quality of Alavi quick tanning cream was confirmed with NaTrue standard that means above all safety  for the consumers when it comes to the minimum portion of organic raw material, permitted substances and production processes which may not include ionizing treatment, animal testing or GMO.

This cream meets all my standards because I usually choose organic cosmetics. After only 2-3 applications I got an enviable color and my friends thought I was sunbathing more than I really did. I believe that all women have the same desire at the beginning of summer, to get a bronze tan and simultaneously nourish the skin with perfect ingredients. One more big advantage when choosing this cream is its beautiful exotic tropical smell. Alavi quick tanning cream will definitely be my No.1 choice this season. The cream is ideal for the face and the body, gives me a wonderful even tan, healthy, glowing and nurtured skin.

I'm looking forward to the sun and summer... Even now in this spring I lay in the sun occasionaly because I want to be ready for the first visit to the beach:) Get ready for sun, summer clothes and I wish you all a beautiful bronze latino color. Embrace the sun. I send kisses! : *